Digital Transformation Scan

The following scan consists of 12 multiple choice questions and it should not take you more than 5-10 min to complete. Make sure to check all the answers that apply to your organization.

With the final result of the scan, you will get to know your digital strengths and challenges. In addition, we add our recommendations for next steps in unlocking your digital potential.


    How do people in your organization feel about transforming digitally?

    How do people within the organization respond to your digital agenda?

    Do you have the human capital to support your digital plans?

    In our practice we…

    How do you describe your strategic efforts in going digital?

    What are your short-term objectives?

    How do you plan on executing your strategy?

    You already…

    When creating new products and services we..

    How do you reach your customers?

    Which of the following is true about your organization?

    You …